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Upgrading Your Belt Clamp Load Capacity May Be Easier Than You Thought

TUG Belt ClampsIf you’ve ever run into a situation where you need to increase your load capacity – let’s say a maintenance project – you’ve probably found yourself with a belt clamping dilemma. Your everyday belt clamps are probably not rated to handle that capacity.

Or maybe you’ve had some issues with your clamps slipping and the bars bowing when using your traditional scissor clamps. And now the new TUG® HD® Belt Clamps, which clamp over the belt, have got you thinking you need a new pair. Well, allow me to blow your mind with this statement:

You can use the bars from your Far-Pul™ HD® Belt Clamp system with the end clamps from the TUG6 belt system.

It’s true. If you’re looking to increase your load capacity, and you already have Far-Pul bars, you don’t have to purchase the whole TUG6 belt clamp system. Instead, you can combine the two and still double the load capacity, increasing your belt rating from 3 tons to 6 tons.

How it works

Combining Far-Pul bars and TUG6 clamp ends to increase your load capacity is easy:

1. Remove the pretensioner screw handles from the bottom bars by unscrewing them completely.

TUG Belt Clamp Step 1

2. Remove the retaining pin lanyards from the top bars by removing the screw.

TUG Belt Clamps Step 2

3. Remove the belt locator pins from the top bar so the bars can slide into the clamp ends.

TUG Belt Clamps Step 3

Safety and convenience

Another benefit of utilizing the over-the-belt style of clamps is that you can “slip” the belt prior to removing the come-alongs by loosening the TUG clamp ends. This is not an option with scissor clamps.

TUG Belt Clamp TonnageWorried about safety? Your new combined clamps take on the 6-ton safety rating of the TUG end clamps. But don’t forget to upgrade your come-a-longs from 1-1/2 ton to 3 ton each per side.

Wondering how to choose the correct belt clamp for your application? Our blog explains why you should clamp, when you should clamp, and the importance of engineered belt clamps.

For more information on Far-Pul™ HD® Belt Clamps or TUG® HD® Belt Clamps, click here.

Authored by: Russ Heintz, Training and Technical Specialist

Russ Heintz has been with Flexco since 1995, working in various roles within the company before becoming Training and Technical Specialist. In this role, Heintz focuses on the efficiency of our products through in-house and field testing. Heintz also regularly conducts classroom and hands-on, internal or on-site training with Flexco employees, distributors, and customers.

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Published Date

August 28, 2019

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  • Belt Maintenance Tools


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