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Copper Conveying System

Copper Industry Solutions 

Flexco works closely with the copper industry by providing key products and services that keep copper belt conveying facilities running smoothly, reducing downtime incidents and getting product where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. 

Flexco Understands Copper 

The world is becoming more and more dependent on rare and precious metals, and copper is leading the way. Flexco knows your day-to-day needs, and that's why we develop new and creative belt conveying solutions for our customers.     

How do we stay at the forefront of understanding industry problems and solutions? There are many ways, but what works for us is building real relationships with our customers. Many companies aim to just make a sale, but not us. We’d rather be your partner in productivity.   

Through those conversations and extensive research, we know that there is nuance in the world of copper ore mining. Each situation is different. Some belt accidents produce metric tons of copper, while others face more niche problems that produce a small amount of waste. Either way, the increasing demand for copper makes addressing any and every issue crucial.

Our catalog of solutions is extensive. For immediate repairs, we provide our customers with cutting-edge tools and technology that gets plants from downtime to operation faster than ever thought possible. For general wear repairs, we offer industry-leading preventive maintenance tools that keep belts up and running for better long term productivity.  And, for continuous belt cleaner monitoring with real-time data analysis, turn to Flexco Elevate®

What really sets Flexco apart is our training and educational opportunities. Whether our customers want to visit a Flexco facility for industry and product training, would like us to come to them for on-site training, or need a convenient online platform to bolster their conveyor education, there is an option for everyone.   

So, if you need long term copper mining results, key information on increasing efficiency of your material processing, direct solutions for your facility, or anything in between, Flexco is dedicated to being with you through it all. Become a Partner in Productivity today.   

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Your Partner in the copper industry flexco. Flexco is conveying control in copper - get the full eBook

Copper Industry Breakdown 

Do you have the right copper control systems in place? Are you interested in learning more about how we intersect with the belt conveying industry?  

Our Industry Breakdown dives into the world of open pit copper facilities. After reading, you will have a better idea of solutions to common conveyor problems, and be able to better address your facility, no matter what amount of copper you are processing.

Solutions for Copper Conveyor Belts